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NECRONOMICON “Escalation” /Ltd. LP + Poster/

NECRONOMICON “Escalation” /Ltd. LP + Poster/
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NECRONOMICON “Escalation” /Ltd. LP + Poster/ NECRONOMICON “Escalation” /Ltd. LP + Poster/ NECRONOMICON “Escalation” /Ltd. LP + Poster/ NECRONOMICON “Escalation” /Ltd. LP + Poster/ NECRONOMICON “Escalation” /Ltd. LP + Poster/ NECRONOMICON “Escalation” /Ltd. LP + Poster/

First re-release of the third full-length album by the cult German Thrash Metal band.
Formed in 1984, the band from Lörrach, Baden-Württemberg, could have made it big, if only they hadn’t fallen prey to the wrong record label back in the days… be that as it may, Necronomicon never gave in, and they are still here today. “Escalation” certainly one of the most successful releases by Necronomicon and has reached cult status. It was recorded and mixed during the year 1987 at the Zuckerfabrik Studio, Stuttgart. When musicians wrote the songs, they wanted to leave the dark path of the two previous productions and musically to sound broader and more diverse… somehow more mature. And they must be very proud of the result. According to the reactions by fans & press, all these goals were met. The band had developed a much more focused approach to the songwriting, delivered a tighter and faster performance, and also Freddy’s vocals had changed. Compared to the former albums, they had become a lot harsher, and a lot more unique.
In general, this album is said to be the most convincing of Necronomicon’s first three outputs. The response was incredible, band gained worldwide attention and got a lot of great reviews. For the first time, Necronomicon earned a little money with one of their releases, because Gama Records held the exclusive rights only up to a certain sales volume... they simply had not reckoned with the success. The release of "Escalation" was followed by band's legendary East European tour that should herald the breakthrough for the band before then the big bang should follow. Necronomicon recorded “Escalation” as a three piece, as bassist Lars “Lala“ Honeck had left the band. But on the European tour, Michael Mörgelin came in as band's new bass player.
“Escalation” comes with a bunch of great Thrash Metal tunes, some of which are even regarded as small classics, like the opener “Death Toll” and “Cold Ages (Dark Land 3)”. Only “Dirty Minds” is a bit unusual, being more classic Hard Rock than Thrash Metal. Memorable and razorblade-like riffs, galloping basslines and precise drumming are some of the qualities that can be found here. Everything sounds clear and no instrument overlaps the other. "Escalation" enjoys of a healthy wall of sound that would please any Thrash Metal fan! It's a highly recommended album for Thrash and classic Metal listeners!!
Limited to 500 copies (150 black + 350 mustard/black splatter) vinyl with poster, 425 gsm heavy cardboard cover and insert. We can't guarantee the color of the vinyl, because all items are sealed and have the same barcode.
High Roller Records, 1988/2015 (HRR 433). Made in Germany. Pressed in Czech.


Side A
1. Death Toll 6:09
2. Black Forest 2:21
3. Dirty Minds 3:40
4. Skeletal Remains 3:27

Side B
1. Murder Of Profit 3:55
2. ...And The Night Will Be Silent 4:29
3. Mosh The Abc 2:14
4. Cold Ages (Darkland III) 6:40

Total playing time: 32:55 min.

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