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NECRONOMICON “Revenge Of The Beast” /LP/

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NECRONOMICON “Revenge Of The Beast” /LP/
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NECRONOMICON “Revenge Of The Beast” /LP/ NECRONOMICON “Revenge Of The Beast” /LP/ NECRONOMICON “Revenge Of The Beast” /LP/

The sixth full-length album by the cult German Thrash Metal band.
Necronomicon made an honest attempt at a comeback on 2004's "Construction Of Evil". And "Revenge Of The Beast" it's damned well the best album the band have whipped up since 20 years prior! “Revenge Of The Beast” marks the 25th anniversary of the band’s existence, and although only the forbidding voice and riffs of front man Freddy Fredrich remains of the original fold, you wouldn’t know it by how remarkably similar it sounds to the band’s renowned late 80s classics. The band is still drawing from the same well as their more famous peers Sodom and Destruction, but they do so with enough finesse to get the blood circulating and the limbs thrashing out in anger. Tempos are kept high, the songs are characteristically evil yet sincere trip into a realm of unspeakable horror, rather than the homeboy driven nonsense that many American Thrashers can’t seem to pull themselves out of. The guitars are savage and powerful, they sound potent enough to grind meat with. Volker Fredrich likewise sounds great, like a cousin to both Schmier and Angelripper, his sneering giving the music below all the authentic character it needs to charm the German Thrash Metal diehard.
Enough can’t be said about the sheer goodness of each riff set heard on here, drawing up images from every great late 80s classic from “The Years Of Decay” to “Agent Orange”. Things kick off with a veritable iron boot to the face in “Magic Forest”, which lays out imagery of a terrified traveler stuck in a haunted place while the riffs blaze with the fury of a “Fight Fire With Fire” meets the atmosphere of “Game Over”. The bruising assault continues with a vengeance as “Haunted”, “Warfare”, “Nightstalker” and “On Pain Of Death” lay out slightly different variations on the same formula, pounding 3 or 4 signature riffs up against a battery of Thrashing beats and a choir of agitated gang vocals. Freddy’s vocals tend to maintain a sort of 2 dimensional affect here, going back and forth between his signature Punk inspired shouts and an occultist chant while making really odd metaphors lyrically pagan imagery right out of a shaman ritual.
Necronomicon stands as the flawless D’Artagnan that avoided the mistakes of the Teutonic 3 Musketeer, and thus perhaps worthy of a greater level of respect in some sense. “Revenge Of The Beast” is a worthy and consistent new addition to a brilliant discography of quasi-melodic, riff oriented Thrashing goodness that would fare well against many of the albums of the late 80s! Crushing aggressive old school pure Teutonic Thrash Metal!! Pure Necronomicon!!!
Xtreem Music, 2008 (XM 056 LP). Made in Spain. First press. Black vinyl.


Side A
1. Magic Forest 3:26
2. Haunted 3:25
3. Warfare 3:40
4. Blood Sky 4:23
5. Who Dies? 4:55
6. Skull & Bone 5:22

Side B
1. Nightstalker 3:17
2. On Pain Of Death 3:32
3. Refugee 3:47
4. Commit Suicide 4:38
5. War In The Cradle 5:08
6. One Universe 4:08

Total playing time: 49:41 min.

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