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IRON MAIDEN “Maiden England '88” /Ltd. Picture 2LP; Live/

IRON MAIDEN “Maiden England '88” /Ltd. Picture 2LP; Live/
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IRON MAIDEN “Maiden England '88” /Ltd. Picture 2LP; Live/ IRON MAIDEN “Maiden England '88” /Ltd. Picture 2LP; Live/ IRON MAIDEN “Maiden England '88” /Ltd. Picture 2LP; Live/ IRON MAIDEN “Maiden England '88” /Ltd. Picture 2LP; Live/ IRON MAIDEN “Maiden England '88” /Ltd. Picture 2LP; Live/ IRON MAIDEN “Maiden England '88” /Ltd. Picture 2LP; Live/

Remastered re-release on vinyl of the sixth live album, “Maiden England”, by the legendary British Heavy Metal band.
Originally it was released as a live video, filmed during “Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son” world tour which was dubbed Seventh Tour of a Seventh Tour. It was recorded at the NEC in Birmingham, England on 27 and 28 November 1988, released on VHS in November 1989, followed by a limited VHS/CD edition in 1994. In 2013, the full concert footage, including encores which were not featured in the original VHS, was reissued on DVD, CD and LP under the new title, "Maiden England '88".
"Maiden England '88" expands on the epic set of the original with a two-disc set. While this version only has three more tracks than its predecessor, it shows that a little change can go a long way, adding classics like "Run to the Hills", "Running Free" and "Sanctuary". Though it doesn't seem like much, these single cuts help to turn the live set into a more well-rounded listening experience, as the band forgoes the more far out tracks from "Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son" and "Somewhere In Time" in favor of some of their earlier, more direct work.
Whichever way you slice it, though, "Maiden England '88" is a solid concert that shows one of the most influential bands in Heavy Metal getting down to business and bringing some Epic Metal to an enthralled crowd, making it an easy recommendation for any Iron Maiden fans out there who haven't already checked this one out.
Re-titled remastered re-edition includes new artwork and three unreleased before encores!
EMI Records Ltd., 1997/2013 (50999 973611 1 4). Made in EU.


LP 1
Side 01:
1. Moonchild 6:23
2. The Evil That Men Do 4:18
3. The Prisoner 6:00
4. Still Life 4:32
5. Die With Your Boots On 5:19

Side 02:
6. Infinite Dreams 5:53
7. Killers 4:57
8. Can I Play With Madness 3:25
9. Heaven Can Wait 7:43
10. Wasted Years 5:06

LP 2
Side 03:
1. The Clairvoyant 4:30
2. Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son 10:08
3. The Number Of The Beast 4:47
4. Hallowed Be Thy Name 7:21

Side 04:
5. Iron Maiden 5:11
6. Run To The Hills 4:01
7. Running Free 5:33
8. Sanctuary 5:24

Total Playing Time: 100:31 min.

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