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ANTHRAX “Anthems” /12" EP/

ANTHRAX “Anthems” /12" EP/
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ANTHRAX “Anthems” /12" EP/ ANTHRAX “Anthems” /12" EP/ ANTHRAX “Anthems” /12" EP/ ANTHRAX “Anthems” /12" EP/ ANTHRAX “Anthems” /12" EP/ ANTHRAX “Anthems” /12" EP/

Classic Rock covers EP by legendary American Thrash Metal band.
Anthrax have always had a thing for the odd cover. Search early albums and you'll hear their takes on Black Sabbath and Sex Pistols. Then, of course, there's the legendary version of Public Enemy's "Bring the Noise", a song that played a massive role in their success.
For the "Anthems" EP, they tackle six classic Rock radio staples from their teenage years: Rush's "Anthem", AC/DC's "T.N.T.", Boston's "Smokin'", Journey's "Keep on Runnin'", Cheap Trick's "Big Eyes", and Thin Lizzy's "Jailbreak". Beside cover songs from some of the band's favorite acts of the 1970s, EP features two versions of "Crawl", a song from their previous studio album "Worship Music".
The EP was recorded during 2012 at various locations. Although it was initially scheduled to be released as part of a Special Edition of "Worship Music", the record was released both separately and on a Deluxe Edition. It was released on March 19, 2013 through Megaforce Records in North America, and three days later by Nuclear Blast in Europe. This was the band's last release to feature lead guitarist Rob Caggiano, who left the band subsequently.
"Anthems" isn't a statement of some grand scheme to introduce their fanbase to six of their big influences. "Anthems" is about five guys, most of whom have been playing together for their entire adult lives, having a good time with what they do. While it's hard not to wish for a bit more, it's easy to admire what they give us and why, even if none of the above is as surprising as they think it is. All in all, "Anthems" is an interesting diversion while fans wait for the next album!
The “Anthems” received favorable reviews by music critics and debuted at number 52 on the Billboard 200, selling approximately 8500 copies in its first week of release. By April 10, 2013, "Anthems" had sold 14000 copies in the United States, according to Nielsen Soundscan.
Megaforce Records, 2013 (MEGA2013). Made in USA. Pressed in Czech. Splatter Vinyl. First press.


Side A
1. Anthem (Rush cover) 04:38 
2. Smokin' (Boston cover) 03:37 
3. Keep on Runnin' (Journey cover) 04:20 
4. Jailbreak (Thin Lizzy cover) 03:42

Side B
5. Big Eyes (Cheap Trick cover) 03:16 
6. TNT (AC/DC cover) 04:06 
7. Crawl (Album version) 05:00 
8. Crawl (Orc mix) 05:02

Total playing time: 33:41 min.

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