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ALESTORM “Captain Morgan's Revenge - 10th Anniversary Edition” /Ltd. GLP/

ALESTORM “Captain Morgan's Revenge - 10th Anniversary Edition” /Ltd. GLP/
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ALESTORM “Captain Morgan's Revenge - 10th Anniversary Edition” /Ltd. GLP/ ALESTORM “Captain Morgan's Revenge - 10th Anniversary Edition” /Ltd. GLP/ ALESTORM “Captain Morgan's Revenge - 10th Anniversary Edition” /Ltd. GLP/ ALESTORM “Captain Morgan's Revenge - 10th Anniversary Edition” /Ltd. GLP/ ALESTORM “Captain Morgan's Revenge - 10th Anniversary Edition” /Ltd. GLP/

Remastered re-release of the debut full-length album by British Pirate Metal band.
The Scottish Pirate Metallers' debut album, "Captain Morgan's Revenge", was released in 2008 and is a modern Metal classic and from it, a completely new subgenre was born. Nearly ten years later and after sold-out shows all over the world, Alestorm's boozy debut gets its well-deserved anniversary treatment and was be re-released on January 26th 2018 with Napalm Records.
"Captain Morgan's Revenge – 10th Anniversary Edition" has received a fresh remix and remastering by original producer Lasse Lammert at his LSD Studios and coming with a rejuvenated artwork. Alongside the original album of 2008, this re-release will be a true gem for all collectors, new fans and nostalgics alike!
There’s no changes to the running order from the original, so the anniversary edition begins with "Over The Seas". The only main difference to the sound from the first album is there appears to be more emphasis on the keyboards, which are much more prominent, and there are more backing vocals – front-man Chris Bowes sounding no different to any of Alestorm‘s previous records.
This pretty much seems to be the same throughout the record, although there are a couple of tracks which have had more significant changes compared to the others, for example "Death Before The Mast", which has become heavier in its overall sound with more emphasis being put on the guitar and bass to add more of a Metal element to it. The other track which seems to have taken a lot more remastering is "Wenches and Mead", arguably one of the band’s better tracks across their discography. The tempo during the instrumental sections is a tad slower than the original, before quickly building back up again during the vocals, but still gets you in the party spirit.
There are subtle differences throughout the record that avid Alestorm fans may notice compared to casual listeners who have only heard the original version a couple of times, but nothing too drastic apart from the two examples mentioned above. Anyone who is a fan of Alestorm are the most likely to pick up the 10 year anniversary edition of Captain Morgan’s Revenge to go with the rest of the discography, but for anyone who has only given them a fleeting listen then it’s not really viable to shell out for this version.
Alestorm is a rising for in the Power/Folk Metal world, and this is an excellent debut album which any Folk Metal fan would enjoy especially if you have a thing for catchy songs, pirates and adventure!!
Napalm Records, 2008/2018 (NPR 753 Vinyl). Made in Austria. Pressed in Germany. Strictly Limited Edition gatefold 180g vinyl.


Side A
1. Over The Seas 3:55 
2. Captain Morgan's Revenge 6:43 
3. The Huntmaster 5:00 
4. Nancy The Tavern Wench 4:53

Side B
5. Death Before The Mast 3:17 
6. Terror On The High Seas 3:51 
7. Set Sail And Conquer 4:38 
8. Of Treasure 2:58 
9. Wenches & Mead 3:42 
10. Flower Of Scotland 2:38

Total playing time: 41:35 min.

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