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SLAYER "Hell Awaits" /LP + Poster/

SLAYER "Hell Awaits" /LP + Poster/
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SLAYER "Hell Awaits" /LP + Poster/ SLAYER "Hell Awaits" /LP + Poster/ SLAYER "Hell Awaits" /LP + Poster/ SLAYER "Hell Awaits" /LP + Poster/ SLAYER "Hell Awaits" /LP + Poster/ SLAYER "Hell Awaits" /LP + Poster/ SLAYER "Hell Awaits" /LP + Poster/

Remastered re-release of the second full-length studio album by legendary American Thrash Metal band.
The band's previous release, debut album “Show No Mercy”, became Metal Blade Records' highest selling release. As a result, producer Brian Slagel desired to release a second Slayer album. To that end, Slagel financed a recording budget (“Show No Mercy” was paid for by band members) and recruited several experienced producers to help in the studio.
Lyrical themes on “Hell Awaits” are darker than on “Show No Mercy”. The intro of the first track "Hell Awaits" played backwards reveals the repeated phrase "join us".
Musically, the album features the band's most progressive and diverse work compared to their previous releases. Defined as “influential to future Extreme Metal acts”, the most popular songs from “Hell Awaits” were re-recorded by various underground Metal bands and have appeared on several tribute albums.
Limited Edition gatefold coloured 180 gram vinyl!
180g black vinyl from Metal Blade Records Originals Series. Inside out cover. 400g heavy cardboard spine sleeve. Original artwork with 250g lyric/photo insert and large 60x60 cm poster.
Metal Blade Records, 1985/2016 (3984-14031-1). Made in Germany.


Side 1
1. Hell Awaits 6:12
2. Kill Again 4:52
3. At Dawn They Sleep 6:16

Side 2
1. Praise Of Death 5:17
2. Necrophiliac 3:43
3. Crypts Of Eternity 6:37
4. Hardening Of The Arteries 3:57

Total playing time: 36:54 min.

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