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BAD RELIGION “The New America” /LP/

BAD RELIGION “The New America” /LP/
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BAD RELIGION “The New America” /LP/ BAD RELIGION “The New America” /LP/ BAD RELIGION “The New America” /LP/ BAD RELIGION “The New America” /LP/ BAD RELIGION “The New America” /LP/

First re-release of the eleventh full-length studio album by legendary American Alternative/Punk Rock band.
"The New America" was the last Bad Religion album released via Atlantic Records to date. It's release marked the band's fulfillment of their four-album contract with Atlantic Records, allowing the band to reconvene with former band-mate, Brett Gurewitz, for their next album, 2002's "The Process Of Belief", released on Epitaph Records.
"The New America" is Bad Religion's last album with Bobby Schayer on drums. Though not yet credited as a member of the band, then-former and now-current guitarist Brett Gurewitz co-wrote and played guitar on the song "Believe It".
The album marks a departure for the band, as some of the songs are personal, rather than political in nature, and more optimism is employed. Topics range from singer Greg Graffin's recent divorce to his past growing up as a Punk kid in the early '80s. Apart from Brett Gurewtiz's guest contribution, it is the only Bad Religion album solely written by Graffin. Like its predecessor, none of the album's song would develop into live staples; only the title track is performed live occasionally.
The focus, the careful production, and the band's solid, well-constructed songs result in one of the band's strongest records, while illustrating that the ba d can indeed grow old gracefully. And that's the most remarkable thing about "The New America" - it is clearly the work of a band that's been around for nearly 20 years, but the experience hasn't worn them down, it's strengthened them. They've stayed true to their original vision while expanding its boundaries, which is something many veteran bands, regardless of genre, just can't do. Some credit may go to Rundgren, but the achievement really is Bad Religion's, not his!
The album peaked at number 88 on the Billboard 200 album chart.
Epitaph Europe, 2000/2013 (6998-1). Made in Netherlands.


Side One
1. You've Got A Chance 3:40
2. It's A Long Way To The Promise Land 2:28
3. A World Without Melody 2:31
4. New America 3:24
5. 1000 Memories 3:00
6. A Streetkid Named Desire 3:17
7. Whisper In Time 2:32

Side Two
1. Believe It 3:41
2. I Love My Computer 3:05
3. The Hopeless Housewife 2:58
4. There Will Be A Way 2:52
5. Let It Burn 2:43
6. Don't Sell Me Short 3:57

Total playing time: 40:11 min.

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