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JETHRO TULL “Benefit” /LP/

JETHRO TULL “Benefit” /LP/
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JETHRO TULL “Benefit” /LP/ JETHRO TULL “Benefit” /LP/ JETHRO TULL “Benefit” /LP/ JETHRO TULL “Benefit” /LP/ JETHRO TULL “Benefit” /LP/

Remastered re-release of the third full-length album by legendary British Progressive/Folk Rock band.
"Benefit" was the album on which the Jethro Tull sound solidified around Folk music, abandoning Blues entirely. Released in April 1970, it was the first Jethro Tull album to include pianist and organist John Evan (though he was not yet a permanent member of the band) and the last to include bass guitarist Glenn Cornick. It was recorded at the same studio of the previous album, but the band experimented with more advanced recording techniques. Frontman Ian Anderson said that "Benefit" is a much darker album than the 1969 predecessor, "Stand Up", owing to the pressures of an extensive U.S. tour and frustration with the music business. Guitarist Martin Barre said that Benefit was a lot easier to make than previous albums, as the success of "Stand Up" allowed the musicians more artistic latitude. Bassist Glenn Cornick stated that the band's intention was to capture a more "live" feeling as "I felt the last one sounded like a group of session musicians performing various songs. It was pretty cold". "Benefit" incorporated studio techniques such as reverse recording (flute and piano tracks on "With You There to Help Me"), and manipulating the tape speed (guitar on "Play in Time"). In a 1970 interview Anderson noted that the addition of keyboardist John Evan had changed the band's style: "John has added a new dimension musically and I can write more freely now. In fact anything is possible with him at the keyboard".
Most of the songs on "Benefit" display pleasant, delectably Folk-like melodies, attached to downbeat, slightly gloomy, but dazzlingly complex lyrics, with Barre's guitar adding enough wattage to keep the Hard Rock listeners very interested.
The UK and the US release are different: the US version (with flute) of "Teacher" was placed on side two of the album and the track "Alive and Well and Living In" was excluded. In the UK "Teacher" was the B-side of the non-album single "Witch's Promise" and fluteless.
2013 Stereo Mix by Steven Wilson, cutted direct from metal disc on 180 gram heavyweight vinyl.
The Ian Anderson Group Of Companies/Chrysalis Records Ltd., A Warner Music Group Company. 1970/2013 (8256464101 9 4). Made in Germany.


Side One
1. With You There To Help Me 6:15
2. Nothing To Say 5:10
3. Alive And Well & Living In 2:43
4. Son 2:48
5. For Michael Collins, Jeffrey And Me 3:47

Side Two
1. To Cry You A Song 6:09
2. A Time For Everything 2:42
3. Inside 3:38
4. Play In Time 3:44
5. Sossity: You're A Woman 4:31

Total playing time: 41:27 min.

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