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TIAMAT "Amanethes" /Ltd. Digipack CD/

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TIAMAT "Amanethes" /Ltd. Digipack CD/
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The ninth full-length album by the legendary Swedish Gothic/Doom Metal/Rock band.
"It's been a long time but we are back again..." A quote from an opening track "The Temple of the Crescent Moon" says in short what needs saying. After five years Tiamat have returned with an album full of new material. Predictable is not a word to be used to describe this band and their music. Although, unpredictable isn’t the right one either. However, with Tiamat a few surprises may easily be in store for a listener.
The album was more positively received than Tiamat's previous releases, in part because of its more Metal sound similar to that of the band's previous work. What makes "Amanethes" an enjoyable album is the pleasant variation of the songs. It makes the album seem fresh, not fresh as in new but fresh as in blooming green. Let's say it was more a matter of prejudice and a slight shock. While album ranges from slumbering atmosphere that's been describing Tiamat since "Wildhoney" to the more aggressive side, it's quite a tight bundle. Furthermore, the band has made far better and creative use of their instruments than they've done for quite some time. It's been a while since they really played the songs out to the fullest.
"Amanethes" shows life flowing in the band. In a way, release of this album is perfect for spring. It has that feeling of new life to it. On the other hand, with exceptions of a couple of tracks, it could as well be the high summer and a yellow sunset by the sea, especially if you listen to "Meliae". Or it could be "Raining Dead Angels" if you prefer something gloomy and stormy. Whichever view you like, the fact remains that this album can capture it's listener when really listened to. This album here is a first step in a bit different direction and is probably not yet as fine tuned as it could be. However, Tiamat's past has shown such changeover albums to be lasting in time. Time will show if this one will last as well.
Tiamat is without doubt one of the most interesting Metal bands of our times. "Amanethes" is by far the most sophisticated and diverse Tiamat album. This album is not a compromise, it´s the essence of Tiamat – and it will for sure bring the band to another level and back in the minds of every Metalhead!
Limited Edition digipack includes bonus track.
Nuclear Blast GmbH, 2008 (2013-2). Made in Germany. First press.

1. The Temple Of The Crescent Moon 5:32
2. Equinox Of The Gods 4:34
3. Until The Hellhounds Sleep Again 4:06
4. Will They Come? 5:13
5. Lucienne 4:40
6. Summertime Is Gone 3:53
7. Katarraktis Apo Aima 2:42
8. Raining Dead Angels 4:18
9. Misantropolis 4:13
10. Amanitis 3:20
11. Meliae 6:10
12. Via Dolorosa 4:05
13. Circles 3:48
14. Amanes 5:28
15. Thirst Snake 4:53
Total playing time: 66:55

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