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AETERNUS PROPHET "Виключення недомінантного матеріалу / Exclusion Of Non-Dominated Material" /CD/

Our Realise
AETERNUS PROPHET "Виключення недомінантного матеріалу / Exclusion Of Non-Dominated Material" /CD/
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The second full-length album by Ukrainian Oldschool Raw Black/Death Metal band.
Rude groove riffs with black & dark parts mixed with Doom Metal moods.
Vocals has become rougher, a lower impaling to the very viscera growl has appeared.
The lyrics written in Ukrainian draw you into the atmosphere of struggle, unrelenting hatred of the reckless activities of certain social sectors and let you think about what your life depends on your own, without strong desire to develop, and without pushing for action - it will remain useless and pathetic.
Recommended for fans of such bands as: Novembers Doom, Rotting Christ, Sceptic Flesh, Belphegor, and Behemoth.
Metal Scrap Records, 2016 (MSR122/CD). Made in Ukraine. First press.

1. Вийняті очі / Removed Eyes 05:51
2. Тотальне домінування / Total Dominance 05:35
3. Діапауза розумових процесів / Diapause of Thought Processes 04:32
4. Хворе бачення / Sick Vision 07:06
5. Виключення недомінантного матеріалу / Exclusion of Non-Dominated Material 03:34
6. Одвічне злотворення / Uncaused Defacement 04:31
7. Доля буде чекати до смерті твоєї... / Fate Will Expect Your Death... 05:46
8. Зобов'язані жити - Obliged to Live 05:15
9. Зітри з себе мітку - Wipe off the Mark 06:02
10. Погляд у вічність - A Look into Eternity 04:24
Total playing time: 53:04



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