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WARLOCK “Burning The Witches” /CD/

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WARLOCK “Burning The Witches” /CD/
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The debut full-length album by the legendary German Heavy Metal band.
Originally released by Mausoleum Records, it was re-released by Vertigo Records, which went on to release all future Warlock albums.
Warlock was another of the many female-fronted bands that have recently burst onto the Heavy Metal scene. But after listening to "Burning The Witches", it’s obvious that these Germans are far superior to their American counterparts, such as Hellion and Bitch.
The band was fronted by the beautiful and now legendary Dorothee Pesch. Ms. Pesch’s vocals are equally as stunning as her looks, ranging from the Geddy Lee-like vocals (à la Acid’s Kate) on the album’s excellent opening cut "Sign Of Satan" to the more raunchy Jody Turner-style on "Homicide Rocker".
Musically, the band matches the excellence of their vocalist’s talents, producing a tight often melodic sound which reminds somewhat of that great debut album from Canada’s Reckless (1981).
This album is full of high quality numbers such as "After The Bomb", "Dark Fade", "Metal Racer" and the title track. But they are far more devastating with their more uptempo material like the superb "Hateful Guy".
Warlock's debut album is quite far from where the band reached with "Triumph And Steel", but still gives the listener a quite intense Hard'n'Heavy experience although the production on the album is rather thin as for the sound. Good riffs and some good melodies and harmonies in a good balance. In a way this is rather raw Heavy Metal, but it's the one of the classic albums in history of whole Metal!!
Vertigo/Phonogram GmbH/Universal Music, 1984/1987 (830 902-2). Made in Germany. Re-press.

1. Sign Of Satan 3:17
2. After The Bomb 3:55
3. Dark Fade 4:14
4. Homicide Rocker 3:16
5. Without You 5:34
6. Metal Racer 3:48
7. Burning The Witches 4:24
8. Hateful Guy 3:45
9. Holding Me 4:12
Total playing time: 36:25

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