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NECROMANTIA “Scarlet Evil Witching Black” /CD/

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NECROMANTIA “Scarlet Evil Witching Black” /CD/
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Second re-release of the second full-length studio album by cult Greek Black Metal band.
"Crossing The Fiery Path" was listenable, but had just too weak of a signal to noise ratio to be essential. If you must only own one Necromantia album, this is definitely the one! "Scarlet Evil Witching Black" is a cult Black Metal album and it's reccomended for fans of Rotting Christ as well as fans of "To Mega Therion" and "Into The Pandemonium" albums of Celtic Frost!!
Re-issue with original sound recording and complete new layout.
Osmose Productions, 1995/2014 (OPCD036). Made in France. Pressed in Austria.

1. Devilskin 05:49
2. Black Mirror 06:30
3. Pretender to the Throne (Opus I: The Usurper's Spawn) 05:27
4. The Arcane Light of Hecate 04:20
5. Scarlet Witching Dreams 05:23
6. The Serpent and the Pentagram 05:17
7. Pretender to the Throne (Opus II: Battle at the Netherworld) 07:50
8. Spiritdance 06:25
Total playing time: 47:01 min.


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