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HELLOWEEN “High Live” /DVD; Live/

HELLOWEEN “High Live” /DVD; Live/
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Re-release on DVD of the debut full-length VHS by the legendary German Power/Speed Metal band.
This is the second DVD of Helloween. Recorded in Milan, Italy 21st May, and Pamplona and Girona, Spain on 31st May and 1st June 1996, "High Live" is definitely not a new release, but the fact that it has been re-issued in DVD format is worthy attention.
Helloween’s Time of the Oath Tour "High Live" captures the band at its best, live. They run through a set-list that is heavy on the Andi Deris era, with only four out of the sixteen songs from the Kiske years. Andi handles the daunting task of pulling off the old fan favorites really good. It’s amazing to see and hear the crowd sing at the top of their lungs that intro verse to the song, its just awe inspiring. Speaking of Andi he is excellent as a frontman he keeps the crowd going and looks like he’s having a blast on stage. He is constantly giving it his all and moves around a lot with a vide variety of singing poses, instead of just standing still and whatnot. Weiki’s just chilling off to the side smoking a lot of cigarettes while Markus and the now departed Roland are smiling a lot too and look like they are definitely enjoying themselves. Roland even does some lead singing in "Steel Tormentor" and has a vocal solo spot before "Mr. Ego". The camerawork is satisfactory as well; it has good angles, clear shots and has a bunch of split views of say Weiki’s fingers when he’s busting out a solo and Markus headbanging. For the guitarists out there you can be happy because there’s many close ups of either Roland or Weiki’s fingers and fret positions during the solos.
For Helloween fans this is a worthy purchase to add to your collection. It has the band performing some awesome songs live and it is on a much better format than VHS. This also comes in 5.1 surround sound for avid DVD-heads out there to put you in the middle of the action! For many of us this is as close as we’ll get to experiencing the magic of Helloween live especially now that Roland and Uli are out of the band and they are trying to steer away from the songs that those two wrote, which is a shame...
0 PAL | 16:9 | DVD 5 | Dolby Surround 5.1 | English | 90 mins. approx.
Sanctuary Visual Entertainment, 1996/2002 (46123454671327). Bootleg.

1. We Burn
2. Wake Up The Mountain
3. Sole Survivor
4. The Change
5. Why
6. Eagle Fly Free
7. Time Of The Oath
8. Future World
9. Dr. Stein
10. Before The War
11. Mr. Ego (Take Me Down)
12. Power
13. Where The Rain Grows
14. In The Middle Of A Heartbeat
15. Perfect Gentleman
16. Steel Tormentor

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