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BEHEMOTH “Evangelion” /CD/

BEHEMOTH “Evangelion” /CD/
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The ninth studio album of the Polish black / death metal band, which debuted at 56th place on the Billboard 200 and during the first week of release only in the U.S. was sold in the amount of 8,500 copies and for two weeks - 13 000 copies. And it’s at this present time of global download from Internet! Sales in Poland amounted to 15,000 copies.
In November 2009 the album became "gold". Terrorizer Magazine awarded the "Evangelion" by title the album of the year. In February 2010 the album was nominated for the Polish Music Award "Frederick" in the category "Special issue - the best graphic design of heavy metal album
and album of the year".
Nuclear Blast, 2009 (NB 2344-2)
1.Daimonos 05:15
2.Shemhamforash 03:56
3.Ov Fire and the Void 04:27
4.Transmigrating Beyond Realms ov Amenti 03:27
5.He Who Breeds Pestilence 05:41
6.The Seed ov I 04:58
7.Alas, Lord Is Upon Me 03:15
8.Defiling Morality ov Black God 02:49
9.Lucifer (Bonus track) 08:06
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