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MARTYR LUCIFER "Martyr Lucifer’s Shards" /Digipack CD/

MARTYR LUCIFER "Martyr Lucifer’s Shards" /Digipack CD/
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Second full-length CD of Dark/Gothic Metal solo project by Martyr Lucifer from Hortus Animae.
It’s considered by band as not a new full-length album, but just a collection that gathers trilogy EPs formed by: "Shard One", "Shard Two" and "Shard Three".
The collection includes three different EPs of the artist's unreleased material, which differ in terms of sound and atmosphere, but are united by the melancholy of Martyr Lucifer's dark soul.
This work raises points of interest not only from a musical point of view, but also from the occult and symbolic ones - the artist has accustomed us, since his solo debut, to complete works that offer not only sound, but also a complete artwork with puzzles to discover and interpret. And "Shards" is no exception.
Featuring members of: At the Gates, Paradise Lost, Brujeria, The Haunted, Ancient and Nokturnal Mortum!!
Outline Rekordz, 2013 (OR002). Made in Germany. Pressed in Czech.

1. Shard One     00:05
2. A Lesson in Murder     02:38
3. The Sunrise in May     03:57
4. The Horseride (radio edit)     04:28
5. Shard Two     00:06
6. Another Place, Another Time     06:16
7. House of Sleep (Amorphis cover)     05:37
8. Poison Heart (Ramones cover)     05:00
9. In Upside Down Woods I Walk     06:50
10. Shard Three     00:06
11. Oddities     04:57
12. And Still We Wonder Why     03:16
13. The Morning Star     08:15
Total playing time: 51:31


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