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GRAVEWORM "Engraved In Black" /CD/

GRAVEWORM "Engraved In Black" /CD/
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The fourth full-length album by Italian Melodic Black Metal band.
"Engraved In Black" marks a transition point in the band's musical history. Graveworm's past albums were all much slower, much more atmospheric and keyboard oriented. The production was also not as polished as in this record. The older albums are pure symphonic Black Metal with gothic elements. The previous album, "Scourge Of Malice" is the most similar to this, which started to incorporate heavier, more aggressive elements into their music.
The album has a sorrowful aura, similar to the previous albums. The keyboards continue to be quite dominant as in the previous records. The overall pace of the album is medium, not too fast or too slow. The sound is dense and thick, due to the strong presence of keyboards, guitar and base guitar. The major change would be aggression from the vocals from Steffan being the loudest instrument heard. The vocalist uses both Black Metal style vocals and heavier, Death Metal vocals. The vocals are probably what contributes to the new, heavier sound in the album.
The instrumentation in general is quite melodic and continues to be mid-paced for the majority of the album. There are some instrumental parts here and there and are a great addition as they let the listener take a break from the harsh vocal style.
"Engraved In Black" is defiantly the strongest album of the newer, heavier sound. It still has many of the elements from past albums that made their music unique, while incorporating newer, heavier elements into the music.
It is strongly recommended for Symphonic Black Metal fans as well as Melodic Death Metal fans! Gothic Metal fans will also probably enjoy it since it still continues to heavily use keyboards for atmosphere and melody.
This is the first Graveworm album to feature guitarist Eric Righi, who also played bass on this recording.
This is Graveworm's transition album from older, more Atmospheric Black Metal into heavier Metal. This is the best from the modern band's albums!!
Nuclear Blast Records/Irond Ltd., 2003 (IROND CD 03-599). Made in Russia.

1. Dreaming Into Reality
2. Legions Unleashed
3. Renaissance In Blood
4. Thorns Of Desolation
5. Abhorrence
6. Losing My Religion
7. Drowned In Fear
8. Beauty Of Malice
9. Apparition Of Sorrow
Total playing time: 56:56


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