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MARDUK “Dark Endless” /Ltd. Black CD/

MARDUK “Dark Endless” /Ltd. Black CD/
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25th anniversary re-release of the debut full-length album by the legendary Swedish Black Metal band.
In their earlier days, Marduk played a little bit of a different style than their known for today. Now being known as pretty much straight-up Black Metal band, they liked to add a bit of a Death Metal twist to their music back in the day. The production here is very reminiscent of what was coming from bands like Morbid Angel and Dismember from around this time. In fact, most of the riffing here is very Death Metal inspired as well.
Recorded in 1992, "Dark Endless" was Marduk's first official full-length album although not the very first thing they recorded (the infamously titled "Fuck Me Jesus" demo of 1991 had already earned them a small cult following in the Scandinavian Extreme Metal scene).
The music is pretty standard Blackened Death Metal, but there are some catchy riffs and interesting Doomy sections. The band's sound would certainly evolve over the years, and it's interesting to hear where they started from. There are a few Black Metal styled riffs thrown in here and some tremolo picking as well, but deep down, says that it's an oldschool Death Metal album. You could even call it a Blackened Death Metal album if you wanted to. The main Black Metal influence on this album comes from the vocals, which are a snarly and very raspy scream, courtesy of the vocalist Andreas Axelsson.
People who don't really enjoy the way Marduk sounds nowadays very well may like this album. It's their only album that is heavily influenced by the oldschool Death Metal sound considering they turned almost completely into a Black Metal band on their following albums. Compared to some of Marduk's subsequent recordings, this album is mildly inconsistent. But despite its limitations and imperfections, "Dark Endless" is an exciting and historic relic from Black Metal's early years!
Limited collector’s re-edition on Black Carbonated CD and seven bonus tracks!!
Century Media Records Ltd., 1992/2012 (9982462 / BLOOD57). Made in Germany.

1. The Eye Of Funeral 1:00
2. Still Fucking Dead (Here's No Peace) 2:57
3. The Sun Turns Black As Night 3:05
4. Within The Abyss 3:39
5. The Funeral Seemed To Be Endless 3:34
6. Departure From The Mortals 3:23
7. The Black... 4:01
8. Dark Endless 3:51
9. Holy Inquisition 4:27

Bonus Tracks:
10. Departure From The Mortals (Live 1991) 3:39
11. Within The Abyss (Live 1991) 3:43
12. Still Fucking Dead (Here's No Peace) (Live 1991) 3:01
13. The Black Goat Of The Woods With A Thousand Young (Live 1991) 4:04
14. Dark Council / Departure From The Mortals (Rehearsal, December 1990) 3:54
15. Within The Abyss (Rehearsal, December 1990) 4:26
Total playing time: 52:44

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