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HORTUS ANIMAE "Funeral Nation MMXII" /2CD Set/

HORTUS ANIMAE "Funeral Nation MMXII" /2CD Set/
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Re-release of three full-length albums in one set by Italian Progressive Black Metal band.
Hortus Animae's definitive collection and "pocket" version of the box set released in 2008 by Sleaszy Rider Records. Hortus Animae was created in 1997, and the products of their work are a demo and three albums. Set contains remastered versions of Hortus Animae's discography: "The Blow Of Furious Winds" (Sleaszy Rider Records, 2005), "Waltzing Mephisto" (Black Lotus Records, 2003) and the never officially released "The Melting Idols" (Self-released, 2000).
In general, we can hear here how pretty skilful guitar themes meet atmospheric synthesizers, although the melodies seem a bit awkward occasionally, but they don’t cross the line to be unintentional. The guitar solos are monolithic and artistic. There are well-established vocal melodies beside the grunt and the scream.
"Funeral Nation MMXII" would be a wise purchase for anyone interested in the Symphonic Black Metal style. The release is very complete, and also features bonus cover tracks for fans of the band. There’s no reason to seek out the individual albums now as almost everything they’ve done is included here, and the vast majority of it is quality. You don't really want to miss this!
Thrash Corner Records, 2012 (THCR25). Made in USA.

CD 1:
1. Furious Winds / Locusts 04:28
2. The Mud and the Blood / Funeral Nation 09:37
3. The Heartfelt Murder 04:55      
4. The Virgin Whore 04:38      
5. In Adoration of the Weeping Skies 06:02      
6. Across the Sea of Pain 05:13      
7. Bible Black 08:28      
8. A Gothic Ghost / The Death of All Beauty 05:56      
9. Garden of Fairies 07:50      
10. The Fairy Feller's Master-Stroke / Nevermore 04:09      
11. Windfall introducing Summoning of the Muse (featuring Liv Kristine) 07:45      
12. Freezing Moon including Terzo Incontro and Tubular Bells 09:07

CD 2:
1. Luciferian Twilight 06:59
2. The Bless of Eternal Bleeding 08:06
3. Cruciatus Tacitus 04:35
4. Spell & Devotion (Impromptu Op. I) 03:17
5. The Melting Idols 14:57
6. Even Death is Useless 02:59
7. .  00:06
8. Enter 04:59
9. A Lifetime Obscurity Pt. 1 00:56
10. A Lifetime Obscurity Pt. 2 11:39
11. Springtime Deaths 06:00
12. Souls of the Cold Wind 07:38
13. Welcome the Godless 03:03
14. A Feeble Light of Hope 02:56
Total playing time: 02:36:18


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