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GRAVEWORM “Fragments Of Death” /Digipack CD/

GRAVEWORM “Fragments Of Death” /Digipack CD/
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The eighth full-length album by the cult Italian Melodic Gothic Black/Death Metal band.
Graveworm are back – and almost back to the roots! Shifting into more Death Metal territory, with a mix of fast and slow songs breaks the monotone pattern the band has established in the past few albums. Graveworm's first few albums displayed a band that excelled in combining Black Metal with Gothic melodies and atmosphere. Instead of improving on those strengths - the band started a move towards riff-oriented songs that placed speed and aggression over atmosphere. This kind of mixture lead to the loss of most of the Gothic elements with only simple keyboard parts left to remind of the band's past. Their new direction disappointed a lot of the fans that enjoyed the Gothic atmospheres and powerful keyboard/violin melodies. After listening to "Fragments Of Death", it seems that the band might be attempting to win back the old fans while not rejecting current fans in the process. The band is trying to achieve this by continuing to make Heavy/Death/Black Metal riffs as the foundation for most of the songs, but by also creating enough space for Sabine Mair to deliver her melodies once again. Sabine has always been one of the better Black Metal keyboard players, virtually every song features a multitude of various melodies from background synths during aggressive parts of the songs to full-blown piano/orchestral sections during slower moments. The most important aspect of her melodies is that she always delivers her sections in a way that complements the music instead of overwhelming it. This tactful delivery of melodies allows for the heavier, more aggressive side of the band to remain the foundation of every song. The stellar vocal performance of Stefan Fiori cannot be forgotten either, Stefan delivers his vocals in two styles - the first is a deep Death Metal growl and the second is a typical Black Metal scream, he is also responsible for very poetic, doleful and inspiring lyrics following album's storyline. The guitar department performance is quite good, it provides both heaviness and melody. Band's musical performance is solid and "Fragments Of Death" follows the same but improved formula as the last few albums possessed.
It's Graveworm and they are back on the way to the top!
CD also includes re-recorded track “Awake” from the debut album as a bonus!!
Nuclear Blast GmbH, 2011 (NB 2774-0). Made in Germany. First press.

1. Insomnia 4:55
2. Only Death In Our Wake 4:00
3. Absence Of Faith 3:55
4. Living Nightmare 4:13
5. The World Will Die In Flames 4:34
6. Anxiety 4:33
7. See No Future 5:02
8. The Prophecy 3:21
9. Remembrance 3:24
10. Old Forgotten Song 4:41
11. Where Angels Do Not Fly 3:52

Bonus Track:
12. Awake 6:11
Total playing time: 52:41


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