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EXODUS "Another Lesson In Violence" /CD/

EXODUS "Another Lesson In Violence" /CD/
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The second live album by legendary American Thrash Metal band.
All the original members of Exodus are back and captured at this raging reunion show! This album comes after a large line-up change for Exodus. Paul Baloff, who originally left in 1986 after the release of “Bonded by Blood”, makes a return on vocals. Tom Hunting returns after leaving just before the “Fabulous Disaster” tour in 1989 due to illness. This is also Exodus's first album to feature Jack Gibson on bass. Robb Flynn of Machine Head makes a guest appearance on "A Lesson in Violence". Recorded at The Trocadero in San Francisco, this crushing live set reunites Paul Baloff, Gary Holt, Rick Hunolt and Tom Hunting once again for twelve raging tracks with a sound quality superior to that found on any of their previous records! This live is the best! The production is simply great, even if we are in 1997 and still nowadays some live albums don’t sound so aggressive and powerful. This is perfection!!
Features songs from their legendary debut album “Bonded By Blood”, plus select tracks from “Pleasures Of The Flesh” and one precious gem, "Impaler," written by guitarist Kirk Hammett (now with Metallica) while he was still in the band. An essential piece of metal!!
Century Media Records/Fono Records, 1997/2005 (FO555CD). Made in Russia.

1. Bonded by Blood 03:34
2.Exodus 04:29
3. Pleasures of the Flesh 08:16
4. And Then There Were None 05:58
5. Piranha 05:42
6. Seeds of Hate 06:00
7. Deliver Us to Evil 08:29
8. Brain Dead 05:22
9. No Love 06:41
10. A Lesson in Violence 05:58
11. Impaler 06:09
12. Strike of the Beast 09:19
Total playing time: 75:59 min.

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