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BITTERNESS “Autumn’s Fall” /CD/

BITTERNESS “Autumn’s Fall” /CD/
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The third full-length album by the German MDM/Thrash Metal band.
9 tracks of oldschool Thrash Metal meets Swedish Death Metal.
What had been one of Bitterness’ trademarks for years now is the tremendous power they belt out their compositions and on “Autumn’s Fall“ nothing has changed in that. No matter, if as double-bass, blast beats or the typical Thrash and Death rhythms, the Konstanz-based band generates enough force to keep you pinned to the back of your chair and when Frank Urschler then unleashes his gruff voice, Bitterness will provide you with a new hair do for free.
Supported by a powerful production from the Iguana Studio, opener “Blackened Domains“ blasts over the listener with good heaviness and a lot of fire under the arse, but they manage to eliminate one of the most common tripwires of this style: one dimensionality. With the exception of Frank’s voice, which only rarely switches to spoken or a bit of clear and mostly possesses the abrasiveness of sand paper, they put surprisingly much emphasis on variety, both in sped and rhythm. “The Truth You Dread” possesses some great drive, while “When Heaven Cried“ begins very calmly with clean guitar and spoken vocals before staying very melodic, but raising the intensity more and more. And at the very end they have a re-recording of their demo song “Bitterness” for us, another very good and powerful track, which rounds off the album very nicely.
Without a doubt Bitterness are among those German bands that by far do not receive the attention they would deserve, so do your part in changing that!!
Heavy Horses Records, 2005 (HR006). Made in Germany. First press.

1. Blackend Domains 4:13
2. Self-Fulfilling Prophecy 3:26
3. The Truth You Dread 5:01
4. Autumn's Fall 4:43
5. While Heaven Gried 3:33
6. Grub For The Gulls 6:51
7. Buried In Life 3:34
8. Silence Bloody Silence 3:27
9. Bitterness (Rerecorded) 4:59
Total playing time: 39:47


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