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MARDUK “Fuck Me Jesus” /MCD/

MARDUK “Fuck Me Jesus” /MCD/
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Re-release of the first MCD by the cult Swedish Black Metal band.
"Fuck Me Jesus" is the first demo by Marduk. It was recorded and mixed at Gorysound Studios, and released in June 1991. It was re-released by Osmose Productions on April 21, 1995 on CD and 7" vinyl limited to 700 hand numbered copies, again on CD in 1999 with three bonus tracks, and again in 2006 on a 10" MLP limited to 500 copies.
"Fuck Me Jesus" was banned in seven countries following its CD release, due to its explicit cover art.
"Departure from the Mortals", "The Black..." and "Within the Abyss" were re-recorded for the band's 1992 debut full-length, "Dark Endless".
Fuck Me Jesus is a very Death Metal-sounding recording with a heavy and fat sound. The song structures are basically Death Metal as well, combining heavy riffs with hammering two-beats. What makes a difference are some occasional grind parts, melodic guitars, and of course the hellish vocals of Andreas. Nastier and uglier than even most Death Metal at the time, "Fuck Me Jesus" firmly established Marduk's brand of unholiness with a vengeance. With its raspy scathing vocals, drums like thundering death and a guitar sound that vomits blackness, "Fuck Me Jesus" possesses a sound that has rarely been rivaled since. Not only is this a must-have for all Marduk fans, but true maniacs of the underground Black/Death scene should revisit this classic!
2013 edition identical to the original demo tape + lyrics and new layout!!
Osmose Productions, 1991/1995/2013 (OPCD030). Made in France.

1. Fuck Me Jesus     0:45
2. Departure From The Mortals     3:19
3. The Black...     4:05
4. Within The Abyss     3:39
5. Shut Up And Suffer     1:00
Total playing time: 12:48


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