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MORBID ANGEL “Blessed Are The Sick” + “Covenant” /CD/

MORBID ANGEL “Blessed Are The Sick” + “Covenant” /CD/
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MORBID ANGEL “Blessed Are The Sick” + “Covenant” /CD/ MORBID ANGEL “Blessed Are The Sick” + “Covenant” /CD/ MORBID ANGEL “Blessed Are The Sick” + “Covenant” /CD/

The second and the third full-length albums by legendary American Death Metal band.
Morbid Angel is one of the best Death Metal bands ever. Their first four albums alone cemented their place in Death Metal history.

Morbid Angel had impressed many with "Altars Of Madness", but they still hadn't climbed into the upper class of Death Metal bands until this record. Band’s second record was a groundbreaking release for Death Metal, giving it a clear dynamic perspective that few had yet to give it credit for. The album features an overall slower musical sound, although containing very fast riffs, and reveals another side of the band, with classical music undertones. Released during one of Death Metal’s most successful periods, if 1991 was the year of memorable Death Metal albums, “Blessed Are The Sick” is just a bit more memorable than most.
Whereas “Altars Of Madness” was crafted during a time when Death Metal was still all about achieving an undeterred terminal velocity by 1991 and the release of “Blessed Are The Sick” that air had cleared, allowing for a major growth to take place within the still fledgling genre. Far from a straightforward affair, “Blessed Are The Sick” finally started to display the hidden glut of Azagthoth’s influences, allowing elements of Psychedelic and Classical to permeate the album’s unwaveringly dense infrastructure. Finally implementing the “trippy” sound he really always desired, “Blessed Are The Sick” is noticeably slower than its predecessor, but is in return more dynamic, exploring the contrasts between faster and slower sections and truly unorthodox song structures.
Overshadowed by great albums from Sepultura, Entombed, and Carcass the same year, Morbid Angel still managed to solidify their reputation as a Heavy Metal maelstrom with the 13 tracks found here. Songs like "Thy Kingdom Come," "Brainstorm," and the redundantly titled "Unholy Blasphemies" would go on to become cult favorites in the Metal Underworld, while "The Ancient Ones" became their first true anthem, as it covered the drug-fueled religious theories of guitarist Trey Azagthoth. Despite his unusual beliefs, his playing is on par with the best the genre has to offer, shredding through these songs with an unbelievable ease and dexterity that brings to mind his guitar hero, Eddie Van Halen. This unique approach to the genre is definitely what makes this band more memorable, although the simple fact that they bothered to write semi-catchy songs and had a fantastic vocalist in David Vincent did not hurt matters one bit.
The album is short, to the point, and doesn't waste time noodling on forgetable riffs and needless tempo changes the way so many of their contemporaries did. Still sounding vicious, "Blessed Are The Sick" is an unheralded classic in the short-lived but rewarding first wave of Death Metal!!

''Covenant" is one of the most important and cherished albums in the band's roster. It has an incredible aura of supremacy and bereavement along its whole existence. The album started to bring Morbid Angel up out of the Underground, as MTV gave them wider exposure on its late Headbanger's Ball.
The album is immediately engrossing and has staying power. And it's additionally impressive that this album was performed as a three piece. Sandoval and Azagthoth both deliver mind-blowing performances on drums and guitar, respectively. Both players are in the top 3 players of their respective instruments in Death Metal, easily. Guitarist Trey Azagthoth plays complicated, heavily detuned riffs, some with a lightning-fast picking style and others in a slower groove. Drummer Pete Sandoval is one of the genre's fastest, and his jackhammer style helps complete Morbid Angel's core sound. Their incredible chops and nonstop intensity may be exactly what you've been looking for. And while Vincent's bass playing doesn't poke out all that much, it does provide a good foundation for the other instruments to stand on. Vincent's vocals are ferocious, however, and do merit noting. He's not one of the most guttural vocalists on the planet, there's still some Thrash influence in there, but he's got a good control of his voice and his blasphemous lyrics are delivered with venomous conviction.
This album is truly one of Morbid Angel's Best works. "Covenant" is a work of art, a masterpiece in the Morbid Angel catalog that everyone must have, if not only for the musical greatness also for the conceptual valor this album on its own has! A Death Metal classic, "Covenant" can also be appreciated by music fans who aren't afraid of the dark side!!
According to Nielsen Soundscan, “Covenant” was the bestselling Death Metal album as of 2003, with sales of over 150,000 in the United States alone.

AGAT Company Ltd., 1991/1993/2002. Made in Russia. 24 bit digitally remastered bootleg.

“Blessed Are The Sick” 1991:
1. Intro
2. Fall From Grace
3. Brainstorm
4. Rebel Lands
5. Doomsday Celebrations
6. Day Of Suffering
7. Blessed Are The Sick/Leading The Rats
8. Thy Kingdom Come
9. Unholy Blaphemies
10. Abominations
11. Desolate Ways
12. The Ancient Ones
13. In Remeberance

“Covenant” 1993
14. Rapture
15. Pain Divine
16. World Of Shit (The Promised Land)
17. Vengeance Is Mine
18. Lions Den
19. Blood On My Hands
20. Angel Of Disease
21. Sworn To The Black
22. Nar Mattaru
23. God Of Emptiness
Total playing time: 79:57 min.

“Blessed Are The Sick”



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