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BITTERNESS “Resurrexodus” /LP/

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BITTERNESS “Resurrexodus” /LP/
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The sixth full-length album by German Melodic Death/Thrash Metal band.
The fact that this band really brings professional fast classic Thrash Metal strikes directly. A comparison with the first albums Exodus and Kreator from the eighties is obvious.
"Resurrexodus" starts with an overwhelming intro about dying and rebirth. What follows are eleven songs full of melodic Thrash fury laced with a touch of Death Metal. Fast drums, sharp guitars, occasional bass and all pinched together with the raw voice of Frank Urschler.
On this album you get almost forty minutes aggression which every now and then is varied with some slower stuff where the listener can catch his breath.
11 Tracks of 100% pure German old school Thrash Metal with Florida’s Death Metal elements!!
One of the best albums in genre of the year!!
German Underground Crossection, 2015 (G.U.C. 030-15-LP). Made in Germany. First press. Red marbled vinyl.

1. Death Cycle (Intro) 1:22
2. Re-Liar 3:11
3. Murder Inc. 3:30
4. Wheel Of Torture 3:43
5. Resurrexodus 4:10
6. The Cleansing (Of A Dying World) 4:31

7. Devastating Rites 3:38
8. G.T.H.O.D. 3:47
9. Wor(L)D Strangler 4:29
10. Lightbringer 4:10
11. Psychomorph 2:57
Total playing time: 39:28

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