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EXTREMA “The Old School EP” /12" EP/

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EXTREMA “The Old School EP” /12" EP/
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EXTREMA “The Old School EP” /12" EP/ EXTREMA “The Old School EP” /12" EP/ EXTREMA “The Old School EP” /12" EP/ EXTREMA “The Old School EP” /12" EP/ EXTREMA “The Old School EP” /12" EP/

The third EP by cult Italian Thrash/Groove Metal band.
Most fans probably already know that Thrash Metal is a fusion of Punk Rock and Heavy Metal. Heavy Metal is still the dominant ingredient, but sometimes the Punk Rock aspect is a bit stronger than usual like in this case here. Extrema’s “The Old School EP” is definitely a Thrash Metal album, but the Thrash Metal’s Punk Rock roots shine through quite a bit.
Already with the first song you get a super-fast Thrash Metal treatment with that certain Punk Rock touch that you can also hear on many Tankard albums. Their music is similar. Extrema’s (and Tankard’s) Thrash Metal is still a nice blend of Thrash Metal with a certain Punk Rock vibe and screaming guitars. Yes, the guitar is a bit repetitive at times, but it still suits the song just fine.
5-song EP also features 2 live bonus-tracks.
All in all, this is a nice EP. Extrema does obviously not reinvent the genre, but this is Old School Thrash Metal! Old School Tankard-style Thrash Metal just as it should be!!
Limited to 250 hand-numbered copies black vinyl.
Punishment 18 Records/Night Of The Vinyl Dead, 2016 (NIGHT 228 / P18R01LP). Made in Italy. First press.


Side A:
1. Life 
2. Carcasses 
3. Tribal Scream 
4. Child Abuse

Side B: 
5. M.A.S.S.A.C.R.O. 
6. Life 
7. Aces Of Spades

Total playing time: 26:56 min.

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