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220 V “Mind Over Muscle” /LP/

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220 V “Mind Over Muscle” /LP/
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220 V “Mind Over Muscle” /LP/ 220 V “Mind Over Muscle” /LP/ 220 V “Mind Over Muscle” /LP/ 220 V “Mind Over Muscle” /LP/ 220 V “Mind Over Muscle” /LP/

The third full-length studio album by Swedish Heavy Metal/Hard Rock band.
"Mind Over Muscle" is absolutely the first record anyone should listen to if you're interested in 220 Volt. Half the songs on this album are perfect for cruising with the top down, throwing horns on the highway or just razing your arms through the wind itself. Enthusiastic, powerful and impressive, it's a long hidden gem of a near forgotten period in one of the world's largest Metal markets!
CBS Songs Scandinavia AB/Tonpress, 1985/1986 (SX-T 117). Made in Poland. Used: NM-/NM-


Side A
1. The Tower 4:11
2. In The End 3:28
3. Electric Messengers 3:49
4. Power Games 3:36
5. Blessed By Night 3:40
6. Secret Dance (Hymania) 3:55

Side B
7. It's Nice To Be King 3:52
8. Mind Over Muscle 4:02
9. Whiter Than White 3:50
10. Touch Of Fire 4:02
11. Halloween 2:59
12. Pavement Song 3:46

Total playing time: 45:22 min.

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