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КИНО “Звезда По Имени Солнце” /Ltd GLP/

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КИНО “Звезда По Имени Солнце”  /Ltd GLP/
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КИНО “Звезда По Имени Солнце”  /Ltd GLP/ КИНО “Звезда По Имени Солнце”  /Ltd GLP/ КИНО “Звезда По Имени Солнце”  /Ltd GLP/ КИНО “Звезда По Имени Солнце”  /Ltd GLP/

Completely restored and delicately remastered re-release of the seventh full-length studio album by legendary Russian New Wave/Post-Punk Rock band.
Released only a year before the Victor Tsoi's tragic death, "Zvezda Po Imeni Solnce" was the last album to come out in the singer's lifetime. Recorded in 1989, “Звезда По Имени Солнце” is one of the best albums in band's discography. The lyrics of the album notable for its mostly personal struggle-oriented lyrics and thoughtful, sad, lonely or sometimes sinister atmosphere.
The album went on sale in the summer of 1989. The recording was distributed on compact cassettes. The first official release of the album appeared in 1993, released by Moroz Records. But the quality of the sound was spoiled.
For the first time in the past 30 years, the Original Master Tape has been used for the production of this re-release, including every second restoration of the phonogram. The original band members Yuri Kasparyan and Igor Tikhomirov, as well as Victor Tsoi's son, Alexender, for the first time were also involved in the production and approval process.
Referring label and band members, this is the original sound of the album, which was planned from the start!
Re-edition contains a 12-page booklet with extensive liner notes and over 50 rare/unpublished photos.
Maschina Records, 1989/2003/2019 (MKK891LP). Made in Russia. Pressed in Estonia.


Side A
1. Песня без слов 5:06
2. Звезда по имени Солнце 3:46
3. Невесёлая песня 4:18
4. Сказка 6:03

Side B
1. Место для шага вперёд 3:41
2. Пачка сигарет 4:28
3. Стук 3:50
4. Печаль 5:32
5. Апрель 4:40

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