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IRON MAIDEN “Twilight Zone” /Ltd. 7" Single/

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IRON MAIDEN “Twilight Zone” /Ltd. 7" Single/
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IRON MAIDEN “Twilight Zone” /Ltd. 7" Single/ IRON MAIDEN “Twilight Zone” /Ltd. 7" Single/ IRON MAIDEN “Twilight Zone” /Ltd. 7" Single/

First re-release of the fourth single by the legendary British Heavy Metal band.
Released on 2 March 1981 is the lead single to the 1981 LP "Killers". The song did not appear in the original UK album in February, but was included in the US and Canadian release in June and the international 1998 remaster. Also it was appeared as a bonus track on the Japanese version, although mistakenly entitled "Details Of Twilight Zone". This came about because the band also sent a telex explaining the song to their Japanese colleagues, headlined "Details Of Twilight Zone", which they mistook to be the name of the song itself. It was released a month after the album, in the middle of the band's UK tour.
The song was originally intended to be the B-side of "Wrathchild", but the band felt it was so strong that it deserved to be the A-side instead. The single's other song, "Wrathchild", was also given 'A-side' status because, according to Steve Harris, "we had a live version of us doing 'Wrathchild' at the Rainbow, before Christmas, on video that we could use. We couldn't afford to pay for another video for "Twilight Zone", so we did a double A-side, because we knew we were gonna be off touring a lot and, if by any chance they wanted us on Top of the Pops again, at least we'd got a video for 'Wrathchild' we could give them".
Like their two previous single covers, the artwork for "Twilight Zone" was subject to criticism in the press, where it was interpreted as "gratuitous sexism". The media were offended by what appeared to be the band's mascot, Eddie, spying on a young girl in her bedroom. Garry Bushell points out that the critics were mistaken, as the song lyrics and picture on the girl's dressing table insinuate that Eddie is dead and contacting his lover ("Charlotte") from beyond the grave, thus making it the band's first love song.
At the time of its release, it was the band's second most successful single, peaking at No. 31 in the UK Singles Chart. Also it is the band's first single to feature guitarist Adrian Smith.
Recorded from the original analogue master tapes.
Parlophone Records Ltd., A Warner Music Group Company, 1981/2014 (2564625173). Made in EU.

Side A:
1. Twilight Zone

Side A:
2. Wrathchild


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