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IRON MAIDEN “2 Minutes To Midnight” /Ltd. 7" Single/

IRON MAIDEN “2 Minutes To Midnight” /Ltd. 7" Single/
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IRON MAIDEN “2 Minutes To Midnight” /Ltd. 7" Single/ IRON MAIDEN “2 Minutes To Midnight” /Ltd. 7" Single/ IRON MAIDEN “2 Minutes To Midnight” /Ltd. 7" Single/ IRON MAIDEN “2 Minutes To Midnight” /Ltd. 7" Single/

First re-release of the tenth single by the legendary British Heavy Metal band.
It's the first single from the band's fifth full-length studio album, "Powerslave" (1984).
“2 Minute to Midnight” begins with the main riff playing quietly with louder drum intervals by Nicko. It gets going quickly, and you’ll hear some excellent singing from Bruce for a while. He sings most of the verses in a very catchy way, with a touch of evil at times. This song has one of the catchiest (if not the catchiest) Maiden chorus ever. The solo is typical Maiden style, being fast and powerful, except done even better than usual. The song retains a constant beat, with the exception of a slower section following the solo. Despite how fun this is, the atmosphere is pretty dark. The lyrics also aid this darkness, as some of them sound pretty evil. The atmosphere, the catchy chorus, and the great solo make this one of Maiden’s best.
The B-side is a cover of British Progressive Rock band Beckett, "Rainbow's Gold", which was featured on their self-titled album released in 1974. The song was written by Terry Slesser and Kenny Mountain, respectively the band's vocalist and guitarist. On the original release, it is titled "A Rainbow's Gold". Both the vocals and the guitars lack variety, and end up repeating themselves for most of the song. The lyrics are pretty interesting, despite the repetitive way they’re sung, so that’s a plus. The solo was short, but quite good, and the song is fun, despite its lack of creativity. Iron Maiden covers are always interesting of course, making for another plus.
This is a very good single for the Maiden collectors, containing a classic song, interesting B-side and great artwork. The band has shown that they really knew what they were doing when they decided to release this. Back in the day, this probably led many people to buying “Powerslave” and becoming fans themselves. If you want a notable and good Iron Maiden single, this is exactly what you’re looking for!!
Single pick number 11 in the UK Singles Chart and number 25 on Billboard Top Album Tracks.
Recorded from the original analogue master tapes.
Parlophone Records Ltd., A Warner Music Group Company, 1984/2014 (2564624868). Made in EU.

Side A:
1. 2 Minutes To Midnight 6:03

Side B:
2. Rainbow's Gold 4:55
Total playing time: 10:58


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